How to map my own courses in the website?

  • Signup with www.ninjacaddie.com.
  • Login to the site and click Course menu to go to the course mapping page.
  • Now you can just follow the simeple instructions from the app to create or edit your existing courses.
  • You can just drag and drop as many markers as you want to the map.
  • Please make sure you clikc save button when you are done with putting markers on the map for all holes.

How can I edit/delete my existing courses from the website?

  • Click "Course" menu to view your existing courses.
  • Click "Edit" or "Delete" on the list to edit/delete your existing courses.

Do I have to complete course mapping to save it?

  • No you don't have to. You can save your course anytime and come back later to complete your work.
  • Only fully completed courses will be avilable for downloading.

How can I download a course?

  • Ninja caddie will automatically detect your current location and select upto 200 courses within 20Km radious around you, and list those courses when you first run this app.
  • Once you select and download a course, Ninja Caddie will remember the course and automatically select the course next time when you run this app again.
  • You can use Android context menu button to see the course menu to get the course list any time.

Can I sort the course list by course name?

  • Yes you can sort the course list by course name or distance.
  • Ninja Caddie will sort the course list by name by default. You can change this option in the "Settings" screen.

How automatic zooming works in the aerial view?

  • Ninja Caddie will automatically check the distances to the green markers from your location, and decide the best zoom level.
  • You can pan the aerial view as you normally to on your phone.

How can I manually zoom in/ zoom out the aerial map view?

  • Click Zooon in / Zoom out icons located at the top of the screen.
  • You can also use your two fingers to do pinch zoom in/out

Can I freeze the ratating aerial map view?

  • You can freeze the rotating aerial map view by doing a single tap on the screen.
  • Simply do a double tap to release the lock on the map view.

How can I use Voice Assistance feature?

  • The default language pack - English - must be installed on your phone. If not, Ninja Caddie will try to install the language pack.
  • You can simply touch any of those distance list displayed on the main screen, then the distance will be speeched out.
  • This feature will be useful in some situations where you get difficulties to read text on the screen.

How can I track the distance of my shot?

  • After hitting the shot, you can click "Shot Tracking" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will open up a window that displays the distance from your previous location as you moving forward.
  • When you reach where the ball landed, simeply check the distance displayed and the touch outside the popup window to close it.

How can I identify my location on the aerial map?

  • You can click icon located at the top of the map view to center the map to your current location.
  • Since the map is rotating to your direction, you will always find your location at the bottom of the screen represented by icon

How can I view the green on the map?

  • You can click icon located at the top of the map view to center the map to the green.

How can I close this app after finishing off my golf game?

  • You can close Ninja Caddie using "Exit" menu on the context menus.
  • Ninja Caddie will however close itself after an hour of inactivity to save battery power.

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